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The Story: Created by Snapchat, perfected by Instagram | Wojdylo Social Media

Even though Instagram Stories are not even a year old, they have steadily surpassed Snapchat Stories in popularity. Instagram has reported more than 200 million people are using Instagram Stories every day, compared to 160 million Snapchat regulars; the main reason being that Instagram reaches a larger audience. “I now prefer Instagram stories,” 21-year-old Fashion Institute of Technology student Bailey Smith said. “They reach a larger audience for me and I use [the] Instagram platform the most

Airbnb offers more affordable and accommodating experience for young travelers | Wojdylo Social Media

Cracking open the Paris apartment door, University of Tennessee student Melissa Vargas is immediately greeted by the resident cat. The place may be small, but it’s hard to beat $12 a night in the city of lights. Airbnbs like this one offer a more affordable and accommodating experience than hotels for young travelers. The premise of it is fairly simple: it allows people to rent out their spare rooms to travelers, while those very same travelers are able to pay less than what a hotel room would

Making Strides against Breast Cancer 5-K Walk

Thousands of people were decked out in pink this Sunday for the making strides against Breast Cancer 5-K walk. It raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Survivors, caregivers and other community members all came together for the event at Worlds Fair Park. Maria Cornelius says she participated in the walk as a way to give back to the people who helped her. Every making strides event is an opportunity to unite as a community to honor and celebrate breast cancer survivors, r

How College Students are Playing Pokemon Go | Wojdylo Social Media

The launch of Pokémon Go has become an instant worldwide phenomenon amongst college students who had grown up watching the popular TV show. This free-to-play app uses GPS navigation to locate the virtual monsters and the camera on your phone to display them right in front of you. Despite its popularity, reviews on the app have been mixed. In Knoxville, Tennessee, there is a large cluster of college-aged students staring blankly at their phones as they walk up and down the street searching for P

Fall foliage helps bring in record numbers to GSMNP

(WBIR - SEVIER COUNTY) The falling leaves in the Smoky Mountains helped bring in more visitors than the park has seen in 15 years. "Every October is a high visitation period. This year seems to be extremely high for us because the fall foliage is quite spectacular for this year," said National Park Service Park Ranger George Luther. Last year, the park saw the highest numbers since the year 2000. This year, there is a 5.5 percent boost in tourism even from 2014. Visitors like 89-year-old Mary